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Position available:

Drafter & office assistant

Your main task will be to draw 3D elements into a 2D visual interface, in our own software on MAC. You will draw mechanical trades and other elements, such as structure, ceiling, lights, duct, piping and plumbing.

Once a drawing is done, our purpose is to coordinate all the elements to make sure there are no conflicts between each of them and we alert the contractor of potential installation problems and design issues before the physical construction begins.

Then, we can receive requests that may affect the position of the mechanical trades on the drawings. We update the drawings, check for collisions once more and submit our new updated drawings for review. And so on!


We believe that the person we seek to hire MUST have a genuine interest in architecture and/or mechanical design. There is no prerequisite for this job other than your aptitude and passion for this sort of work.

To understand our work you must have a creative sense to visualize three-dimensional information while reading a two-dimensional drawing. You will study drawings to determine the Architect’s and Engineer’s true design intent. You will conduct calculations and research. This is especially important because our job is to take two dimensional information from mechanical Engineer’s drawings and determine in most cases how it will fit between the ceiling and structure, while still allowing access for lights and other vital utilities. We take a concept and purpose it into a practical design. We find ourselves commonly reporting that many areas on the job will not fit into the previously intended space.

It is important that you take initiative to double-check your work, making absolutely sure that you produce correct drawings. Mistakes on drawings mean that contractors fabricate at great expense and then throw away materials which are drawn erroneously.


No previous drafting experience is required: we will train you for this job.
We will also train you to be able to use our CAD software.

  1. You must already have great computer skills, since most of your work will be on computer.
  2. You must have, or must build, a great typing skill without looking at the keyboard. Key-bindings represent about 99% of the data entry in our software.
  3. Other helpful skills: organizational skills, hand drawing skills, 3 dimensional sketching, understanding of word processing and spreadsheet programs.


  1. You must be a hard worker.
  2. You must have a positive attitude.
  3. You must be autonomic and take imitative to work on other tasks once you’re done with yours.
  4. You must be able to wear many hats, since you will be involved in different departments of our company (ex: marketing, finances, network). If you show great skills in a specific field, we will encourage you to develop them and spend more time on them.
  5. You will work in an environment with animals (dogs and cat).

If you are interested, send us your resume at: careers@shopdrawings.com