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CAD Drafting
and Coordination

Drafting & coordination - ShopDrawings.com

CAD drafting services

We provide CAD Drafting Services for Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical. We generate PDF coordinated drawings and can also provide files under CAD formats, such as .DWG files.

For coordination purpose, we also draw and model partitions, reflected ceiling plans and structure. This ensures that our trades are clash-free with these elements. We model walls at 7ft tall, so we easily navigate through the Navisworks™ models without blocking our 3D point of view. This makes navigation and coordination meetings much more efficient.

Once the architectural and structural layout are completed, we draw the trades from the contract drawings received. While coordinating, we try to keep all trades as flat as possible, with some trades having a higher priority over others due to their requirements (such as: HVAC piping, main sanitary and main sanitary piping).

BIM (Building Information Modeling): To ensure and easily visualize that the coordination proposed works, we model all our work: structure, architecture and trades. We add all those 3D models together into a Navisworks™ file document that we share to our customers. When working with other parties responsible for other trades, we add their models into our general model and clash-detect their work with ours.

RFI (Request For Information): In case of a design issue or a lack of space in the ceiling, we send RFI drawings to the Architect and Engineers for review, including suggestion(s) to fix the issue shown. We send those RFIs as soon as possible in the coordination process, in order to avoid any disruption in the field.

Record Drawings pricing included

Our Record-Drawings are included for free at the end of the project.

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