Coordination Services &
RFIs submission

Mechanical Coordination Drawings -

MEP & FP Coordination Services

We draft partitions, reflected ceiling plans, structure and trades as shown on the contract drawings.

Coordination of several trades: We begin our coordination process by setting the ductwork as tight as possible to the structure. We then prioritize sloping trades to ensure that they will fit when they reach the end of their slope: sanitary lines, storm pipes, vent lines. To avoid the addition of drains, HVAC piping is usually placed close to the ceilings and kept as flat as possible. The more trades we are responsible for, the faster the coordination is, as we can solve most clashes in-house. The remaining clashes are items submitted as RFIs to the Design Team and are usually related to requests for lowering ceiling heights.

Coordination of single trade: When hired to coordinate a single trade only, we will provide coordinate the trade with structure and reflected ceilings. The coordination drawings are submitted to the General Contractor, who is usually is responsible for coordination of the trades and will provide us instructions if relocation of trades are necessary. This type of coordination is less effective and is a slower process overall. We always try to reach the other contractors hired for the project to see if they are in need of a coordinator as well, so we can speed up the coordination process.

Vernon - Coordination

Request For Information (RFI)

As part of our coordination efforts, we submit detailed RFIs for items that require the attention of the Design Team.

The most common RFIs that we send out are:

  • Omitted ceiling heights.
  • Omitted ductwork size, pipe size, unit names, riser tags, diffuser information.
  • Request to lower ceiling heights.
  • Request to lower footings.
  • Request to relocate diffusers.
  • Reports of any discrepancy (slab elevations, section drawing not matching floor plan elevation, ductwork riser not matching floor plan duct size, etc.)
  • Request for redesign and relocation of trades.
  • Clarification of insulation and soundliner requirements.
RFI sample