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We are a CAD drafting firm based in the U.S., providing nationwide services for:
Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical, Millwork, Glasswork and more.

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CAD drafting

We specialize in drafting and coordinating MEP trades: Shop Drawings / Fabrication Drawings and BIM coordination of Ductwork, HVAC piping, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical. We also offer CAD drafting services for raised access floors, millwork and glasswork.

Whether your project is a new construction, a renovation or simply requires as-builts, we’ve got you covered.

Advantages of using
Shop Drawings

Contract Drawings are diagrammatic and rarely contain all the information your team needs for fabrication and installation. Many conflicts are overlooked, the most common ones being: insufficient ceiling space to fit multiple trades and overlooking the slopes of pipes for the coordination.

Instead of working with Value Engineering, get Shop Drawings to coordinate trades efficiently, send RFIs early in the construction phase to avoid construction delays, prevent costly field adjustments and save on pre-fabrication costs. Eliminate the guesswork: Give your shop and field crew the exact information they need.

Our MEP coordination drawings include: identification of trades, trades sizes, elevations, units per approved submittals, duct sheet metal length (TDC, S&D), reflected ceilings and diffusers per RCP layout, wall and floor sleeves when requested and more.

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Full MEP coordination

When designed responsible of the full MEP coordination of a project, we have the capability to resolve the majority of trade clashes internally.

This eliminates the need for coordination meetings, which speeds up the overall coordination of a project and allows us to quickly deliver coordinated MEP drawings.

Collaboration &
Leading BIM meetings

When collaborating with third parties responsible of other MEP trades, we set up a Navisworks™ model and align each trade to the architectural model. If the Design Team does not provide 3D models, we create our own architectural and structural models from our study of the Contract Drawings.

We also offer online BIM meeting leading services: clash detection across all trades, clash assignments to each specific trade and verification of successful clash resolution.

Online meetings &
real-time editing

When our clients require complex changes or need specific elevations for their MEP trades, we like to set up online meetings so they can view our editing in real-time and confirm that it is the design they exactly want.

Our drafting method is so quick and our team so efficient, that we often make changes before our customers finish describing the change they want to see!

3D modeling
for BIM projects

Our policy is to model all projects to ensure accuracy, economy and efficiency in its design. As a result, we generate 3D models for all our trades to ensure a seamless and clash-free project.

We offer different Levels of Development for BIM projects.

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Experienced Team: over 40 years of expertise

Founded in 1980 by David Fleming, was created under the name of Contractor Technical Services (CTS, Inc.) in Rockville, MD.

Over the years, our company transitioned from traditional pencil-and-paper to cutting-edge Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software, designing an interface that allowed remarkable data-entry speed through muscle memory.

We provide online nationwide drafting services in the U.S. for various types of projects: residential, governmental, hospitals, schools, office buildings, retail, theaters and more. Multi trades coordination for: ductwork, HVAC piping, plumbing, electrical, fire protection.

Today, our passionate team thrives on diverse projects, from small rapid-turnaround projects to large, complex jobs that challenge us.

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