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Shop drawings & 3D modeling for Ductwork, HVAC Piping, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Electrical


CAD Drafting

We provide MEP drafting services for the construction industry. We offer shop drawings and MEP coordination for Ductwork, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Electrical. Our DWG Coordination Drawings are compatible with AutoCAD™ and can be used for 3D MEP coordination in Navisworks™.

ShopDrawings.com was created under the name of Contractor Technical Services (CTS, Inc.) by David Fleming in 1980.

Ductwork shop drawings include: ductwork with mechanical equipment according to approved submittals, diffusers, registers, reflected ceiling, duct sleeves when required, ductwork sheet metal length as requested (TDC, slip & drive), top/bottom elevations.

Plumbing shop drawings include: pipes types identification, sleeves when required, top & invert and/or center elevations at each branch and drain location. Storm & vent lines drawn as 1/8″ of slope and sanitary & grease waste as 1/4″ of slope, unless specified otherwise.

HVAC piping shop drawings include: pipes types identification, sleeves when required, invert and/or center elevations at each branch and drain location.

Fire protection coordinated drawings include: pipes types identification, sprinkler heads, center elevation for each main branch, invert elevation for sloping branches.

Electrical shop drawings include: electrical conduits identification and tags, center elevation and/or invert elevations.

See 2D coordinated drawings samples here!

MEP Coordination

Our 3D MEP coordination can be done directly in our own CAD software, or through Navisworks™.

Coordination of all MEP trades & FP
When designed responsible of the full coordination of a project, we are able to solve most trade clashes in-house and remove the need for coordination meetings. We find that the coordination of a project moves forward way faster and we are able to quickly provide coordinated MEP drawings.

Online meetings & real-time editing
When our clients require complex changes or need specific elevations for their MEP trades, we like to set up online meetings so they can view our editing in real-time and confirm that it’s the design they exactly want.

Collaboration & coordination on Navisworks™
When collaborating with third parties responsible of other MEP trades, we set up Navisworks™, align each trade to the architectural model and lead online coordination meetings. We create our own 3D architectural model and structural model from the contract drawings.

File sharing through BlueBeam Studio™
For ease of access and due to limitations of emails file size, we work with BlueBeam Studio™ to share our files. We can host projects online and send you an invitation, so you can view our latest DWG files and our 3D models.

Get your free version of BlueBeam™ at: www.bluebeam.com

BIM / 3D modeling

We create BIM models for each trade to ensure a clash-free project. We offer different types of 3D MEP coordinated drawings.

Essential 3D Model (E3M)
E3M being simplistic in their design, they are great for contractors in need of quick models while staying in their budget. Our E3M include: architecture, structure, ceilings, lights, diffusers and each trade we drafted, such as ductwork, pipes and electrical conduits.

Detailed 3D Model (D3M)
D3M are greatly detailed and include all E3M elements, plus: flex duct connections, detailed AC & roof top units, water closets, lavatories, furniture, trees, plants, etc.

Realistic 3D Render (R3R)
Our R3R renders are available for our D3M only. They display elements, lighting and textures. Share realistic renders of your projects to attract more customers!

Free 3D model viewer Navisworks™
To see our 3D models, simply install Navisworks Freedom™. We recommend downloading the latest version (2020) to avoid compatibility issues.

Download your free version at: www.autodesk.com

Take a look at our 3D portfolio.