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Our services

ShopDrawings.com provide shop drawings and coordination drawings, for all MEP trades. We start by drawing the architecture, the structure, the MEP trades, set a general elevation for each trade and then proceed with the coordination. When working with third parties, we provide 3D models and can set up a general model within Navisworks to which we add each trade for coordination. Most of the time, we generate our own architectural models when no BIM models of the architecture are provided.

Shop drawing & Coordination drawing

Shop drawings, also called coordination drawings, are usually required by the owner of the building and are required from the contractor/sub-contractor, before the construction of the project.

They are essential drawings that interpret the information shown in the construction documents and they will be used in the field. Coordination drawings are created in order to coordinate all the MEP trades and resolve all physical conflicts and allow sufficient access area before their installation in the field. They explain the fabrication and installation of the MEP trades and need to be extremely accurate to ensure an easy field installation.

This process ensure that they are no clashes remaining between all trades, but also that they are no issues between the MEP trades and the architectural and/or structural design.

CAD drafting of MEP & FP trades

We provide coordinated drawings for duct, HVAC piping, plumbing, sprinkler and electrical.

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