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MEP coordination drawings

duct, HVAC piping, plumbing, fire protection, electrical


MEP coordination drawings

Our purpose is to coordinate and resolve all clashes prior to the contractors sending their costly crew on the field. We make sure that all MEP trades are fully coordinated between each other and that they fit the architectural and structural design of the Architects and the Engineers.

We provide 2D and 3D shop drawings & coordination drawings for all MEP trades:

  • Ductwork;
  • HVAC piping;
  • Plumbing;.
  • Fire Protection;
  • Electrical.

We provide all the necessary information to make it easy on the field, such as:

  • Equipment per approved submittals, which show proper access for maintenance;
  • Sizes of each component of the trades;
  • Exact dimensions from grids or walls to each component of the trades;
  • Top, bottom and/or center elevation of the trades, offsets elevations;
  • Length of each ductwork section, to allow mechanical contractors to pre-fabricate the ductwork;
  • Reflected ceiling plans with ceiling heights elevations and lights locations;
  • Structural beams and joists: sizes, elevations and slope;
  • Sleeves elevations and sizes;
  • RFIs (Request For Information) sent in the form of a drawing with textual description of the issue, to request additional component information or report architectural design flaws, such as a lack of ceiling space to run the MEP trades.


Our as-built are included for free at the end of the project.

Take a look at our ductwork shop drawings and our plumbing shop drawings.