"On many occasions, we’ve had customers with multiple jobs that keep the easier ones for their in-house drafting dept. and give us the more complex ones. We take this as a compliment."
- Dave Fleming, Pres.

"Shopdrawings.com provides the kind of drawings that help us in many ways. One of which is to reserve the necessary space needed for installation. Recently, we were able to convince the general contractor to make two other trades relocate their work because they did not comply with our submitted drawing. Without these drawings, we would have had to do considerable mitering and other changes of our already fabricated ductwork. We believe in shop drawings because they are the installers method of notifying the other trades prior to fabrication."


"They build it before we do. These drawings really do work out the "bugs" in the system. When it is time for fabrication, we are reasonably sure that most coordination problems were isolated and addressed in the very early stages of the job."


"Distance is not a problem. It's like their office is really down the street which happens to be where our blueprint company is. When Shop Drawings, Inc. finishes a drawing, the immediately email it to our local blueprinter. The blueprinter has the means to retrieve this email and print it out on site. We just let them know how many copies we want."


"We have been dealing with Shopdrawings.com for quite sometime now. You can tell they really love their work. They're thorough and the job usually goes in without a hitch. We would definitely use them again. A+++."


"A general contractor had two jobs for us. We were awarded the first but due to poor drawings from a previous drafter, the second award was in serious jeopardy. When we called Shopdrawings.com they told us they were very busy but to my surprise, were able to get a top quality, professional looking set of drawings to us in time to win the second project. Both jobs were also renovations.

New York-

"We are probably Shopdrawings.com's oldest customer. We have one in-house draftsman which we've had for years. Having Shopdrawings.com allows us to take on a lot of extra work that we would normally have to turn down due to limited drafting resources. We have used them consistently since 1981."

North Carolina-

"Service is excellent (5 stars) when it comes to responding to daily drawing file needs, change order price requests, bid day pricing and RFI’s."

"Drawings are completed timely and done with a great deal of accuracy and clarity."

"You can see where the experience of this company really kicks in-they coordinate everything if at possible and if not, their drawings are excellent documentation for change orders."

"We’ve been with Dave for about 20 years. He has always given us the best service for a very competitive price, always available to us, quick turn around and more."

"We just recently heard of Shopdrawings.com when they were recommended to us by an Architect on another project. With no past experience with Shopdrawings.com and acting solely on the recommendation, we decided to give them a very large project at John’s Hopkin’s University. Though we were a little nervous about it they came through with flying colors tackling some of the most difficult coordination issues in this lab-classroom building. They also gave us quick pricing for change orders and current bids on other projects. They also hosted BIM meetings at the site and over the web. ."