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Ductwork, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers



The models you are viewing on our website are not provided by an Architect or any other outside source. We are creating our models with the information interpreted from contract drawings, which may also include structural shop drawings if available.

Those models are created generically to include necessary information. They omit doors, windows and other non-essential items that normally confuse the drawing and make it hard to interpret. We display the partitions of our projects for about half of the walls height. By reducing the amount of elements interfering with the viewpoint, this approach allows an easier navigation through the model. We show suspended ceilings for coordination purpose and also for easier visualization of the ceiling heights. For light fixtures, when sizes are not provided, we display them with a 7″ height and coordinate around them. This way, we prevent possible collisions with the mechanical trades.

Shopdrawings.com policy is to model all projects to assure accuracy, economy and efficiency in its design.

Coney Island | Plumbing – Structure (Underground)

Project status: currently in coordination progress.


Coney Island, 1st floor | Plumbing – Sprinklers – HVAC piping – Duct – Structure

Project status: currently in coordination progress.


The Maryland Theatre | Duct – Plumbing – Sprinklers

Project status: currently in coordination progress.