Full Time Position Available

Shopdrawings.com has available a full time position for persons experienced with Autocad MEP and/or Revit MEP. Please forward resume to drafting@shopdrawings.com or fax to 480-247-5739.
Thank you for your interest in a drafting position with Shopdrawings.com. Please take a moment to read the following information as it talks more about our company and what we expect of our employees. If one of the listed openings is of interest to you, please call us back to schedule an interview.

Company Profile

Shopdrawings.com Shopdrawings.com was founded in 1980 to provide shop, coordination, and fabrication drawings for Sheet Metal, Plumbing, and HVAC piping contractors nationally.

The projects we have worked and continue to work include schools, churches, office buildings, government centers, and hospitals- virtually anything related to commercial construction. Our projects are completed locally but we service contractors in every state, including Hawaii. Our site has even drawn us some international attention. We are a small company and plan to grow rapidly. We have great ground floor opportunities available as we plan to open a second office within the next year. We will need someone to head up that office.

Our work is rewarding and fast-paced. In this business you will constantly interact with many different construction professionals. The market for this business is solid because of the large ratio of contractors in need vs. the small number of specialized drafting companies like ours.

Position Criteria

We believe that person(s) we seek to hire MUST have a genuine interest in architecture and/or mechanical design. There is no scheduled pre-requisite for this job other than your aptitude and passion for this sort of work. In the past, we have hired mechanics, college students, architects, and engineers. We have even hired a former carpenter and a former receptionist.

To understand our work you must have the creative sense to visualize three-dimensional information while reading a two-dimensional drawing. You must study drawings to determine the Architect’s and Engineer’s true design intent. You must conduct calculations and research. This is especially important because our job is to take two dimensional information (Mechanical Engineer’s drawings which are diagrammatic) and determine in most cases how it will fit between the ceiling and structure while still allowing access for lights and other vital utilities. Shopdrawings.com takes a concept and purposes it into a practical design. We find ourselves commonly reporting that many areas on the job will not fit into the previously intended space. The purpose of our business is to alert the contractor of potential installation problems before the physical construction begins.

It is important that you take initiative to double-check your work, making absolutely sure that you produce correct drawings. Mistakes on drawings mean that contractors fabricate at great expense and then throw away materials which are drawn erroneously.

If you find yourself stopping to analyze construction sites or interesting buildings, this could be the perfect job for you.

Though we are a design business, the drawings we provide are hands-on items which go directly to manufacturing shops and construction sites. These drawings are viewed by many contractors and reviewed for approval by Architects and Mechanical Engineers.

Here at Shopdrawings.com we have also created a unique CAD program (16 years of development and use) which has been compared to and considered by many to be much faster to use than the popular program AutoCAD™ and other similar software. The basis of our program is ‘Rapid-Input’™ which means one of the skills you need to have or learn is to key numbers into the right-hand numeric pad quickly and accurately. The program we use has a unique way of using a standard keyboard to function as a fast interface. We have yet to see anyone else in the industry use it in this manner.

Shopdrawings.com uses mostly Apple/Mac computers due to their superior graphics capability and speed. We also use some Windows™ machines. The interface of both products are similar in case you lack experience in one or the other.

We also do use AutoCAD™ for some miscellaneous tasks. If you have knowledge of this program we would be interested in anything you can offer.

Shopdrawings.com takes advantage of a T-1 internet connection in order to send and receive files. Our completed drawings are sent via web for printing at our customer’s office of choice.


This job has a learning curve. Most people take roughly two weeks to thoroughly understand the system and another two weeks to get up to speed. The program can be difficult to understand at first as it is different than what you are probably used to. Once you learn it, however, it is incredibly intuitive. We expect you to give it your absolute best effort.

Skills which are helpful in our shop:

  • Organizational skills, keyboard input skills, hand drawing, 3-dimensional sketching, computer aptitude, understanding of word processing and spreadsheet programs.

  • It is helpful to be mechanically inclined. Are you a hands on type of person who builds things or works on cars? Have you fixed your own plumbing and electrical, or built sheds/other structures in the backyard?

  • Do you have any hobbies that relate to this type of activity? Good hand-eye coordination is essential, especially for keyboard skills. For example, we have found that musicians have an easier time at this.


Work hours initially are 8:30am to 5pm, with a ½ hour lunch break. After you are trained and have demonstrated your reliability, the work hours can be slightly adjusted to suit your personal lifestyle.

Please fax your resume and salary requirements to 480-247-5739 or you may email to employment@shopdrawings.com.

David A. Fleming,

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