Cost Control and Perfect Coordination

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

For years, has watched as contractors omitted or failed to enforce coordination drawings for projects—and watched as the jobs in the field go awry as a result.

Often contractors get to the job with prefabricated field-measured ducts and find that another trade has beaten them to the install---and taken the space they needed for their work. Too often we find that the engineer or architect did not project enough room to install the work—that’s because engineers generally specify their design as diagrammatic or conceptual only. That’s why it’s in your best interest to verify the dimensions with shop drawings.

Coordination Drawings: Timely and Precise does a practical drawing after extensive study of beam and slab elevations, ceiling heights and other details. We build the job in a 3-D CAD environment, and we find numerous things that were overlooked by the initial design team. will advise you of the problem and request a design change—all of which is done before crew and materials get to the job site. Often we discover issues on the inside floors while the project is still a hole in the ground!

Cost Control and Perfect Coordination recommends the job be submitted and the drawings enforced for installation. When you sign off on the drawings, this protects your costs as well as your schedule. saves HVAC, plumbing, mechanical and sprinkler system contractors valuable time and money with quality drawings that coordinate the trades.