About Us

30 Years of Watching Construction from Paper to Project

Shop Drawings.com is proud to have evolved over three decades right alongside the building industry.

Owner Dave Fleming began his career in the sheet metal contracting industry, where as an estimator he dealt with schedules, project management and bids. In the early 1980s, which were still the “pencil and paper” draftsman days, Dave turned his hand to drafting. He began in the evenings working from a friend’s basement.

As his expertise became known, Dave quickly outgrew basement locations and part-time drafting and opened his own firm, Contractor Technical Services, also known as CTS, Inc. He began hiring draftspersons and responding to MEP subcontractors with shop drawing services in the booming mid-Atlantic construction market from a busy office in Rockville, MD.


CTS, Inc. advanced with the times, moving from strictly pencil and paper into the world of automated drawing by exploring the capabilities of AutoCAD, BIM and other automated software that have become the standard of drafting today. Computer-aided drafting becomes second nature to the Shop Drawings.com team; when a Shop Drawings.com drafter has the right software and the right information; the keyboard becomes invisible and simply becomes an extension of the draftsperson’s skill.

As the industry evolved, so did CTS, As capabilities in the automation field expanded, the company embraced the fast pace of Internet communication and transactions and became Shop Drawings.com, leading the way with one of the industry’s early customer portals on its website that allowed real-time download and exchange of shop drawings and data.

Dave and his team enjoy both small, quick turnaround projects and large, complex jobs that challenge them and bring them into the subcontracting team through drawing coordination. The drafters draw immense satisfaction from knowing that that their work on a shop drawing from their drafting tables in Hagerstown translates into a smooth handoff from trade-to-trade on construction sites around the country.